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Export to PDF hangs

We are using Qlik Sense server and we have a certain App that when we try an export to PDF it just hangs and never returns.

The message in the System_Printing.txt file shows that the request has been submitted:

35 20160405T095556.424+1100 INFO SERVER04 System.Printing.System.Reflection.RuntimeConstructorInfo 805 45a1044f-bf95-482e-9f53-7dc5b092b64a DOMAIN\QlikService Request export of a PDF   45a1044f-bf95-482e-9f53-7dc5b092b64a

Other Apps work fine. Also the same App on the Desktop version creates the PDF in seconds.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Export to PDF hangs

Not sure what resolved this problem but it now works without an issue.