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Contributor III

Export to PDF

Our users want to download the sheet to a PDF.  I created a sheet and used buttons to separate the difference sections. The user likes how everything looks.  The issue is when the select download to PDF, the buttons do not get converted over to PDF.  Any thoughts?  I tried using the image/text object, but can't seem to get the same look and feel.


thanks for your help / advice!

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I've attached the help pages for Qlik Sense Export to PDF. I think you may be running into the limitations. If you post screenshot's a may be able to assist better.

1. Pivot tables are downloaded as non-expanded. Partial expansions or full view are not kept.
2. Third-party extensions, filter panes, and action buttons are downloaded as blank images.
3. Visualization extensions (custom objects) cannot be downloaded as PDFs. They can be downloaded as images.
4. Dynamic view objects are not supported
5. There is no preview in the Download dialog if the browser does not have a PDF viewer plugin installed.
6. When you download a sheet from an app with a custom theme applied, the theme is only applied to the visualizations. Styling for the sheet, such as background color, will not be applied in the downloaded PDF.
6. Extended sheets and custom-sized sheets may have a lower quality PDF output if the sheet is too large to clearly display on a single PDF page.