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Exporting Data base on filter

Hello all,

I'm a newbee in the qlik world, so here's my problem.

I have created a Quality dash board and I want to export raw data base on filter. When I do filtering the raw I can get it, but when I have no filter, it seem the raw data does get exported in total. It seem to be lock to one of the board.

By example, here I have no filter so I'm expecting to get in the Export Data table (B) all information (100773 serial number), instead I only get data from Defect per Comment (A). What do I do wrong?

Best regards,


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Re: Exporting Data base on filter

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're trying to explain. It sounds like you want to export the data from a chart, but an expression in that chart is overriding user selections and you don't get the result you expect. I suggest you take a good look at the expressions in that chart.

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