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Contributor III
Contributor III

Expression for calcsales diff (%) from previous Month, Quarter, Year and YTD vs previous full Yr

Hello QS experts,

I have several expressions to show Sales by Yr/Month, Yr/Q and Year based on a db table called " order_date " in a line graph. Expressions below.

=YEAR (order_date) & Month (order_date)

=if(month(order_date) = '01',Year(order_date)&' Q1',if(month(order_date) = '02',Year(order_date)&' Q1',if(month(order_date) = '03',Year(order_date)&' Q1',
if(month(order_date) = '04',Year(order_date)&' Q2',if(month(order_date) = '05',Year(order_date)&' Q2',if(month(order_date) = '06',Year(order_date)&' Q2',
if(month(order_date) = '07',Year(order_date)&' Q3',if(month(order_date) = '08',Year(order_date)&' Q3',if(month(order_date) = '09',Year(order_date)&' Q3',
if(month(order_date) = '10',Year(order_date)&' Q4',if(month(order_date) = '11',Year(order_date)&' Q4',if(month(order_date) = '12',Year(order_date)&' Q4'))))))))))))


Now I would like to calculate a % (average) sales price difference between the previous Month and Previous Quarter and previous Year, db table is called price_sales.  (% diff month by month, quarter by quarter, year by year and YTD (i.e. current month vs last full last year)

My question is how I could build the full expression/formula to show this in a graph/curve %. Any (simple) solutions?

Thanx for support!




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