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Expression in Filter Pane or Bookmark

Hi, I'm trying to create a default bookmark filtering the dimension Direccion when the value of Username is equal to OSUser()

I tried a lot of options based on other solutions like a default bookmark by last date I have on another app, but nothing works.

I'm testing with a filterpane. Does it use the same logic than bookmarks right?

Things to consider:

I have a table with Username and Direccion every Username has only one Direccion, and the format of Username is equal to OSUser()

I have two variables created :

Variable vDireccionUsuario: CONCAT({<Username={"$(=$(vUser))"}>} distinct Direccion)

Variable vUser: UPPER(RIGHT(OSUser(),10))

Things I've tried:

- {<Direccion={"Dirección Administrativa"}>} this work, but it's hardcoded, the user I used for logging in have that value for Direccion

- {<Direccion={"=Direccion={"$(=$(vDireccionUsuario))"}"}>}

- {<Direccion={"$(=$(vDireccionUsuario))"}>}

- {<Direccion={"$(vDireccionUsuario)"}>}

- {<Direccion= {$(vDireccionUsuario)}>}

- {<Direccion={"=Direccion={"$(=CONCAT({<Username={"$(=UPPER(RIGHT(OSUser(),10)))"}>} distinct Direccion))"}"}>}

- {<Direccion={"$(=CONCAT({<Username={"$(=UPPER(RIGHT(OSUser(),10)))"}>} distinct Direccion))"}>}

The last two are because I started thinking variables can't be used on there.

Any ideas?

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