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Contributor III
Contributor III



can someone assist me with the below please?

I have 3 fields in my app - One is called 'DepartureStatus'  the other one is called 'Trip' and the last one is called 'Location'

DepartureStatus field contains - OnTime,Late and Early and the Trip field contains Trip numbers and location has site departments.

What i want is show how many trips where on Time, early or late by location in a bar chart.

I'm having problems writing this expression - When I use sum(DepartureStatus) and use Location as Dimension i don't get a result  but i do when i use Count - but the figure is incorrect.

Can someone shed some light on this please?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

In my data source i have an extra field which is  ItemCode which will always be unique - so for 1 trip i could have 5 items so that trip number will be listed down 5 times in my data file.


But if that trip number is listed 5 times, the DepartureStatus is the same 5 times as well?

Then use Count(distinct Trip) as Omar suggested.