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Extension Importing Issue to QS Server

Hi All,

I am trying to export the extension to server but it is giving error. Error - Failed to Import extension. Please Check Log.

Please suggest..

Second... I have created some window users to whom i want to give access of QS App.

but these users are not showing in QMC -> Users.

Please suggest


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Re: Extension Importing Issue to QS Server

Which extension are you exporting?

Which version of the server do you have?

With the 2.1.1 you have to remove some files before export

(In my case I had to remove Readme file)

Check the branch for information about this extension


Re: Extension Importing Issue to QS Server


have a look here, this should solve your problem:

Hope this helps.



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Re: Extension Importing Issue to QS Server

You may also want to check this out

Qlik Sense Server - Troubleshooting Extension Imports

One issue that cropped up with version 2.1.1 is that when the wbfolder.wbl doesn't list all of the files Sense will throw an error that looks something like this:

Command=Add extension;Result=500;ResultText=Error: StaticContentWeb

Exception of type 'Repository.Communication.StaticContent.StaticContentWebException' was thrown. (HTTP code: 500)

I created a script to remedy the situation if that happens to be the cause:

wblGen - Automated wbfolder.wbl generator

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