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Contributor III
Contributor III

Extract month from data input iAuditor in Qlik Sense

Hi there,

I have connected iAuditor with Qlik Sense. Once extracted there is a column named "DateCompleted" with a date notification e.g. 13 February 2018 01:50 PM

From this i want to create separate fields [day], [month], [year].  As the months keep changing (in length characters) its not working to use like Right (DateCompleted,8) as Time etc. Anyone a idea how to script this?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Master III
Master III

Year(Timestamp#(F1,'DD MMMM YYYY hh:mm TT')) as Year,

Month(Timestamp#(F1,'DD MMMM YYYY hh:mm TT')) as Month,

Day(Timestamp#(F1,'DD MMMM YYYY hh:mm TT')) as Day

Where F1 is your Datetime field

Contributor III
Contributor III

Dear Sasidhar,

This works!! Thank you very much. It is my first time at the forum and i'm already loving it.

Nice to see that there are people helping each-other. Keep it up.

Kind regards,




Are you able to tell me how you connected Qlik to iauditor?