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Facing Problem during Data Load using BEx connector

Hi All,

I'm Facing problem while loading data from SAP BW using BEx connector when there are more than 500000 Rows.

There is no problem while loading the Query which has less than 500000 Rows but the problem occurs when row number exceeds 500000.

In order to limit the data during loading I'm loading data based on filtering Particular feilds like Month,Place,ProgramName this method is working fine for all Except one Month, Place, ProgramName combination of filter which means that particular combination of filter itself having more than 700000 records.

So I want to reduce the number of Records to be loaded / fetched from SAP BW through BEx connector.

Can Anybody please help in this scenario to limit the Number of Records or Any Alternate solution for this problem.


Vijayaganesh S

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Creator III
Creator III

Yes, I think that's correct- you need at least one query built and released for the IinforProvider to be visible to third-parties;