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Facing error while loading data into Qlik Sense for a particular view in Impala using ODBC driver

Hi all,

I'm facing issue while trying to load data in data load editor from a particular view (select <column names> from view) which fetches around 950K rows from Impala database and we are using the qlik ODBC connector (6.118.2) in Qlik Sense deployed on CDP. 

The same query is working fine in Hue CDP editor and Impala CLI. 

Can someone help me with this issue? 

PFA the picture of error. 




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Hi Ashley808,

Thank you for reaching out.

Do you know if this has ever worked before from that particular view?

Can you please verify if it works in Qlik via an ODBC System DSN connection (based on an Impala ODBC driver)? If yes, I would suggest to open a case in the Qlik Support portal.

Thank you and best regards

Qlik Support


Hi Andreas, 

I tried to test it in Qlik environment and sometimes the data loading works without any errors and sometimes the data loading fails (and the error in the pic pops up) using this view.

I checked the ODBC logs through Qlik management console and compared the successful loading attempt and unsuccessful loading attempt and I saw that when SequentialThreadCount is around 26 and NumberofCores(effective) is 8, the data loading is happening fine and when the values are less than this, the data loading operation fails. Can you tell me more about these parameters and if they are dependent on network or memory resources? 


Hi Ashley808,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you please confirm that the reloads were happening from the same server (those mentioned variables are environmental information from your reload server(s)) ? If this is the case then I would suggest to verify the ODBC connection outside of Qlik on each reload server as for example described in here: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Knowledge/How-to-verify-ODBC-OLE-DB-connections-using-Excel/ta-p/17148...

Otherwise I would suggest to open a case in the Qlik Support portal in order to analyze the script, Qlik connector and ODBC driver logs.

Best regards


Qlik Support