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Fact Table Issue In Qlik Sense

I have 4 fact tables, these fact tables contains 50% same fields but others fields are different, I need suggestion can i concatenate 4 table into single one or is there any other option we have?



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Re: Fact Table Issue In Qlik Sense

Best practice would probably be to either create a composite key to join on to resolve the multiple synthetic keys that would otherwise be generated.

Another possibility would be to join them if they all contain records for the same key.

Re: Fact Table Issue In Qlik Sense

In general you could concatenate the fact-tables and quite often it will work well (and usually the resulting NULL's from the asynchron merging of the tables won't bother in any way). But it will depend on a lot of factors if this way is the most suitable for your amount of data and all your requirements.

Another approach would be to associate these tables directly and/or per link-tables with eachother - but in many cases it will have more disadvantages as benefits and I would at first always try to merge fact-tables (concatenating, joining, mapping) instead of linking them in any way.

- Marcus