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Few questions about Qlik Sense Server

Hi everyone! I have some doubts about Qlik Sense Server functionalities:

  1. Is there some place on QMC (or anywhere else) where I can leave notes to other users? I mean, if I want to alert something on the dashboard, or ask for a modification, is there a way here I can leave a note?
  2. The storytelling is always static? If I have a created story and then the data is updated, will the storytelling update?
  3. Is there a way to build a web crawler for taking some informations in a specific link?

Thank you!

1 Reply

RE 3: Sure, but I am not aware of specific Qlik Sense functionality that would achieve that excluding being able to parse tables. The python library Beautiful Soup is a powerful web scraping library that can achieve that functionality though at the downside of having to spend some time learning how to use it.