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Contributor II
Contributor II

Field not found master calendar problem

Hi guys, i have a problem with the creation of master calendar. I read a lot of post on this argument but i didn't find any solution. When i try to connect my table date to the master calendar's script, it says me : field not found. I work in a database on ODBC with a lot of datas and tables.

I really like to know what does it mean and why qlik give me this error and what i have to do to solve this.

This is an example of my data:



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Creator II
Creator II


Fields in Qlik Sense are case-sensitive. DateID is not equal to DateId.

See the corrected script in the attached app. 

If it is what you are looking for, consider marking this answer as resolved.



Contributor II
Contributor II

I tried to change my code as u say and now it works.

I have an other question about the function unqualify. I tried with an other master calendar's script found here:

I unlink some key using function unqualify because of the large amount of data and because i have duplicated datafield on different table. Then i try to use the calendar's script. I got the error field 'a' not found. After a lot of try i found that if i don't use the unqualify function the script don't works (and it keeps say field 'a' not found). Can you explain me why?