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File view in Qliksense

Hi all,

I am trying to view the file generated by QVD in my app in Qliksense.

How can we do it?



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Re: File view in Qliksense


Not clear, correct me if i'm clear. u want view the QVD data? QVD generator app (i.e from the source loaded into qvd app)?  Tks


Re: File view in Qliksense

Easiest way is to just create a new app called say for example 'Dateviewer' then load the new QVD into this.

You can then see the table in the data manager  and the fields will show in your feilds list in 'edit' mode.

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Re: File view in Qliksense

Agree with Darrell.

I have an app that I just use to load a QVD and take a look at the data.  I have actually created multiple sections in my script for different  QVDs.  I then created a sheet for each QVD.

This way I don't have to recreate the wheel each time.  I can just move the QVD load to the top, load it, and then go to that sheet that corresponds to that QVD