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Filter for a value across multiple columns?


I have a data file with multiple columns where each represents a company like so:

FeatureNecessityCompany 1Company 2Company 3
Feature 1Need to haveSupportedSupportedCustomization
Feature 2Nice to haveSupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Feature 3Need to haveNot SupportedSupportedSupported

I have a pivot table in Sense that sums up feature count by company and the need/nice to have. I'm trying to filter by the Supported/Not Supported/Customization fields to get counts but can't figure out what I need for that in the Data Load Editor or adding a filter pane. Thoughts?

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Re: Filter for a value across multiple columns?

I assume you have your data stored like

Feature, Company, Status

So you could add a filter pane in the dashboard for this status

Or do a KPI something like count({<Status={'Supported'} >} Feature)

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Re: Filter for a value across multiple columns?

My data is stored in a sheet like the above - the issue is that I would like to be able to filter by 'Supported' 'Not Supported' etc and get the feature count in the pivot table to adjust accordingly. The only way I can seem to generate those responses by the filter is by selecting 'Company 1' or 2 or 3 as a dimension, which will then put the count for all companies as that company's count.