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Filter in table - Qlik Sense


I create table with dim field named "Snapshot Date" -

I also have filter pane named  "Snapshot Date"  that connected to the field in the table.

I want that In case the user will select a value in filter "Snapshot Date" the table will display only the selection date else will display the max value date in field "Snapshot Date".

I try the following expression - but it doesn't work:

if(GetFieldSelections([Snapshot Date])=0,MaxString(Text([Snapshot Date])),'')

Any Idea?


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Re: Filter in table - Qlik Sense

u'll have to change the measure of ur table;

if(getselectedcount([Snapshot Date])=0,

sum({<[Snapshot Date]={"$(=max([Snapshot Date]))"}>}YourMeasure),



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