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Contributor II
Contributor II

Filter is not working properly and brings null values for dimensions with no value

Hello all, currently I'm working on a table that brings the Sales Total by Legal Unit. I'm trying to display only the total of each legal unit, but when I filter it, it somehow brings me the three legal units, one with values and the other two with nulls. I used the disable null and also the not show zeroes, but it still shows the null values.

This is the code for the Measure


If(vCountry = 'LAN',
(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}NTS_LAN))/(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}Net_Units)),

If(vCountry = 'CO',
(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}NTS))/(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}Net_Units)),

If(vCountry = 'PEC',
(Sum({<Legal_Entity={'7790'},Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}NTS) + Sum({<Legal_Entity={'7757'},Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}NTS_LAN))/(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}Net_Units)),

(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}NTS))/(Sum({<Year = {"$(=Date(Max(Periodo), 'YYYY'))"}>}Net_Units))

And this happens for all the other visualizations, including charts, what could be a possible solution? 



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Is this the only measure in the chart/table? From your screen capture it looks like there's more to the right, but I can't tell for sure. Suppressing zero/nulls only works if all of the measures are zero/null.