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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filter out rows in a pivot table based on values

I have a pivot table with years across the top and categories down the rows. The table calculates some metrics and year over year pct changes for each row.

I want to set up a slider that filters rows based on the pct chance.

For example slide to hide all rows where the yoy change is less than 10% or 5%.

Is that possible in Qlik Sense?

Also, Is there an equivalent of the qlik view straight table in sense?
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Master II
Master II

Yes that would be possible if you used an extension e.g qsvariable for the slider or similar to set a variable identifying your percentage and then applying it to your measure via set analysis.

Hope this helps gets you started.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks. Can you share an example of how the set analysis expression would look to hide rows?


I think I could use the variable object in the new extension bundle in the nov. release, right?