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Filter pane in a line chart

I am working in Qlik Sense 3.1.  I have a requirement to display a measure per some dimension A and per another dimension B.  To achieve this, I have an app that includes a line chart and a filter pane.  The line chart displays the given measure against dimension A.  The filter pane includes only dimension / field B.  This way, if the user does not make a selection in the filter pane, the line chart's measure is across all data loaded.  Otherwise, the line chart's measure is across only the selection(s) made in the filter pane.

I have a request to somehow push the filter pane into the line chart.  That is, the user wants a filter pane somehow embedded in the line chart to drive the measure's data set, rather than having to use a separate visualization to make filter selections.  Is this possible?  If so, how?

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Re: Filter pane in a line chart


Probably I couldnt understand your requirement. Can you explain more in detail. If possible with example or the screenshots.


Kaushik Solanki

Contributor II

Re: Filter pane in a line chart

Hi Casey,

for manipulating and editing charts you should look at either Mashups or Widgets which are located in the dev. hub. You cannot put a filter pane within a line chart but with these two options I mentioned, you could engineer your own object which contains both a filter pane and line chart.


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Re: Filter pane in a line chart

As the guys have said you need to be using an extension of some kind to make the setting of your values in a particular chart dynamic.

take a look at this.  it might give you some ideas.


Re: Filter pane in a line chart

Hi Andy,

I took a look at the link and Word doc you posted.  I don't think a drill-down or a cyclic group will work for what I'm trying to achieve.  A cyclic group won't work because I don't need the dimension in the line chart to change.  I simply need the data to be filtered by some other dimension.  A drill-down will "kind of" work in that I do have 2 levels -- all data in the "top level" of the hierarchy, and subsets in the "bottom level".  However, the "bottom level" is a composition of several subsets, which doesn't make a drill-down applicable.  (For example, group "Parent" is composed of sub-groups "Child 1", "Child 2", Child 3", etc., with no overlap in the sub-groups and no levels below each child group.)

So, I think I need to look into the Mashups / Widgets instead that Matthew pointed out.  (Of course, I need to talk with the user about balancing development time for this custom request versus the relative benefit over simply using out-of-the-box functionality, i.e., a line chart and a separate filter pane.)  I appreciate the suggestion, though.