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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filter pane - selecting one item at a time


How do I set up my filter pane to allow users to only select one value at a time rather than selecting multiple values at a time? I know that in the field properties I can change the field settings to ensure that always one value is selected, however, that is not the case. I want to be able to show all values at default, however, if users want to filter on a dimension, I want them to only  be able to filter to one value at a time rather than selecting multiple values. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

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Master III
Master III

You can't do this in the native filter pane, as far as I know. Some extensions, such as Vizlib Filter, should have this as optional functionality.

A potential workaround for this is to use Always One Selected but include a dummy value such as "All" in the field which doesn't actually filter out anything, and set that as the default. However this can sometimes be tricky depending on the data structure.

Another potential workaround is to keep the field open and use a calculation condition in your assorted objects that checks GetSelectedCount(Field) > 1 and doesn't calculate the object if that's the case.


Hi @nira, you can teach them to push the Ctrl key at the same time they click on the selection. Clicking this way, the behavior is selecting only the clicked element instead of extending the selection.

This way your users will have both possibilities, extend or limit the selection.