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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filter pane sorts out duplicate values

Hello there,

if I use a filter pane to export my data, it sorts out duplicate values.
Here is a fictitious example. The distribution diagram has the orders as dimension and the result as measure or points:



If I now choose the batch D20 in the filter pane, it would only give me one row, even though rows 1 and 2 are not duplicate rows. There are 2 different test orders, which only randomly produced 2 identical results and whose samples were produced from the same batch.
If I then want to export the results and evaluate them further, this of course falsifies mean values etc. . I am less interested in what results occur, but also how often they occur. Filters seem to have automatically intergrated some kind of distinct function?

Is that what QlikSense wants or always is or is it a bug or something I programmed wrong? Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks 🙂


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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Hannah,

Can you share sample .qvf ?