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Filter pane user interface

Hopefully this is an easy question to answer, but I've had trouble finding solution. I am as brand new to Qlik as you can get. Like, a couple of days. Right now, it's just me, my laptop, and some dummy data from Excel. And training videos. Go easy on me.

I am using some filter panes to allow users to select data. In one such filter pane, users can select years; in another, they can select dates. How can I set these panes to easily allow the user to select a range of data? Should I be using another object for this purpose?

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Re: Filter pane user interface


Re: Filter pane user interface

Check out this filter feature:

Is there a way to add Date Picker Calendar object in Qlik Sense?

Also, there are  extension objects like this one that provide a more traditional calendar-like option.


Re: Filter pane user interface

If you hold your left mouse button down your can drag the mouse over the dates and select a range.

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Re: Filter pane user interface

There is also just training in terms of understanding how filter panes can be used.

For instance you could enter >=01/01/2018<=01/31/2018 in a date field to selection all the dates in January.

For dates and time period ranges, develop a master calendar that "prebuilds" the relative time period values, e.g. Year, Month, YearMonth, Day, DayOfWeek, Week, Date, Quarter. The trick is figuring out which date(s) get hooked up or if multiple calendars are required.