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Filter values pass into Variable


Is it possible to pass filter selected values into variable ?


Filter i selected Name: Govind

I have to pass this values (Govind) into variable.

Using this variable i will do some calculation.

How can i do in qlik sense.


Govind R

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Re: Filter values pass into Variable

Put this expression in the variable: =only(Name)

Or if you want to use multiple selections: =concat(distinct Name, ', ', Name)

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Re: Filter values pass into Variable

E.g I am using filter filed City.

Please give me steps please.where and how can i get.

If i select single value or if i select multiple values.

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Re: Filter values pass into Variable

Hi, this should be possible by add expression to get the selected value  in a variable.

SET vField = GetFieldSelections(City);

You can add above in your load script or add this variable in the qlik sense master library.


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