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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filter wont work with set analysis

The filter does not work with the set analysis. It doesn't work for my category and device filters which is in my set analysis. This only happens when i use the set analysis in a KPI. If my set analysis is used in a table the filter works. This is really strange. 

This is my set analysis. 

sum({<Category={'Brand'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.08 +
sum({<Category=,Category={'Brand ( Desktop)'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.08 +
sum({<Category={'Brand ( Mobile)'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.08 +
sum({<Category={'Competition'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.024 +
sum({<Category={'Oil'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.032 +
sum({<Category={'Propane'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.032 +

sum({<Category={'Brand'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={"<2019-06-01"}>}Clicks)*0.2 +
sum({<Category={'Brand ( Desktop)'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={"<2019-06-01"}>}Clicks)*0.2 +
sum({<Category={'Brand ( Mobile)'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={"<2019-06-01"}>}Clicks)*0.2 +
sum({<Category={'Competition'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={"<2019-06-01"}>}Clicks)*0.06 +
sum({<Category={'Equipment'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={"<2019-06-01"}>}Clicks)*0.05 +
sum({<Category={'Oil'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={"<2019-06-01"}>}Clicks)*0.08 +

Can someone please help me? I have been using Qlik sense for a bit but this never happened before.

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Would you be able to share a sample where we can see the issue?

Contributor III
Contributor III

I dont know how to share a sample.


You don't know how to attach a sample file you mean?

Contributor III
Contributor III

I dont know how to create one or attach one. You mean a qvf file? Because the sample file will need my database for me to show you. I dont think i can do that.


Create a mock up in Excel and/or use an Inline table to replicate it in a sample. Because it is very difficult to know what you might be doing or if it is actually a bug without seeing the behavior. Does that make sense?

Creator II
Creator II

Hi ,

here you mentioned 

sum({<Category=,Category={'Brand ( Desktop)'},Device={'Desktop'},Date={">2019-05-31"}>}Clicks)*0.08 

so here if you use Category= then it doesn't take filter from that field.