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Filtering Pane


I'm fairly new to Qlik but I'm having problems with my stacked bar chart not filtering when I make a selection. I need some common things I should look at when encountering this problem. I'm using a set analysis and I'm not sure if that's the cause of my problem. My set analysis reads as Sum({$<[Actuals.PR3]={'Core Maintenance'},Year={'2018','2017'},[Year-Period]={$(vYTD Month List)}>}Actuals). I selected Actuals.PR3 as a dimension on my filtering pane but when I select various Actuals.PR3 dimensions including "Core Maintenance" above nothing happens to my bar chart?

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Re: Filtering Pane

You could share your app please

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Re: Filtering Pane

Rony -

Filtering on [Actuals.PR3] will have no impact on this set analysis since you have hard coded it to only show 'Core Maintenance'. 

Sum({$<[Actuals.PR3]={'Core Maintenance'},Year={'2018','2017'},[Year-Period]={$(vYTD Month List)}>}Actuals)

If you want to be able to filter on [Actuals.PR3] to see different [Actuals.PR3]s, you would need to update your set analysis to...

Sum({$<Year={'2018','2017'},[Year-Period]={$(vYTD Month List)}>}Actuals)

Hope that helps.

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Re: Filtering Pane

Thanks this worked perfect. Sorry for the late response.