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Creator II
Creator II

Filtering out Column in Qliksense Preceding Load


I have a very silly and simple question.  I am filtering some column in preceding load. 

My requirement is :  Financial Responsible Indicator is equal to / is Y, AND Paid Claim Indicator is equal Y, AND NIA Financial Flag is equal N, AND Funding Arrangement Description is equal to NOT APPLICABLE , FULLY FUNDED PLAN

so I filter out with these code:

WHERE [Financial Responsible Indicator]= 'Y'
OR [Paid Claim Indicator]= 'Y'
OR [NIA Financial Flag]='N'
OR [Funding Arrangement Description]= 'Fully-Funded '
OR [Funding Arrangement Description]= ' Not Applicable  ';

But It is not filtering out Properly and when I am doing with AND I am not getting any value. Please suggest.



2 Replies

It looks right.
I often add the where criterias as temporary fields in my output table and comment out my where criteria to check my output.

[Financial Responsible Indicator]= 'Y' as _checkFRI,
[Paid Claim Indicator] = 'Y' as _checkPCI,
[NIA Financial Flag]='N' as _checkNIAFF,
[Funding Arrangement Description]= 'Fully-Funded' as _CheckFADFullyFunded
[Funding Arrangement Description]= ' Not Applicable' as _CheckFADNotAppl
FROM ...
//WHERE [Financial Responsible Indicator]= 'Y'
//OR [Paid Claim Indicator]= 'Y'
//OR [NIA Financial Flag]='N'
//OR [Funding Arrangement Description]= 'Fully-Funded '
//OR [Funding Arrangement Description]= ' Not Applicable '
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If all the conditions must be met then you should use AND instead of OR.

But 'NOT APPLICABLE' is not the same as 'Not Applicable '. Those two values are two different values because the first in completely upper case and also because it does not contain a trailing space. Make sure to use the exact case sensitive values that should be used to compare the field values with.

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