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Contributor III

Filtering straight table data by pivot table calculations


I have a pivot table mentioned as below and i want to see 3 Order IDs  which are present on 01/01/2019 in a straight table. I have created a straight table with my Order  ID & date fields and trying to filter the date as 01/01/2019 So I'm expecting it to show the 3 Order ID's in the straight table( as per my pivot table calculation), but somehow this isn't working in Qlik sense.

Can anyone help me please...


measure is calculated by : COUNT({<new_flag={Y}>}Order ID)




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There are many question you've asked

1) If(Match(Order, 'Order1', 'Order2', 'Order3'), Order) // This is just to show the only 3 Orders information

2) COUNT({<new_flag={'Y'}, Order = {'Order1', 'Order2', 'Order3'}>} [Order ID]) // This is just to show only 3 Orders using Set Analysis

3) Count({<new_flag={'Y'}, DateField = {">=$(=Max(DateField))<=$(=Max(DateField-3))"}>} [Order ID]) // This is just to show latest three data records 

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Anil,

1st thing is that I don't want to perform any aggregations in my straight table, I'm expecting it to be filtered according to my selection in the pivot table..

1) If(Match(Order, 'Order1', 'Order2', 'Order3'), Order) // This should not be hard coded as my data set has millions of records

2) & 3)  solutions are aggregations which can be performed at pivot table that i have already calculated..

Please try to understand my requirement is that when cluck on any particular cell calculated value in pivot table ,the corresponding number of orders ID's needs to be displayed in my straight table.

Kindly help me...