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Contributor III
Contributor III

Filtering using a list of values

I have a list of values (for example, 100 product numbers) that I copied from Excel and pasted into a search field of a filter in QS.  However, the filter doesn't let me easily select the 100 values that I pasted.  Rather I have to scroll through the filter pane and swipe down with the pointer to select the values.   Why can't I just click the green check box at the top right and select only those that I have pasted?

Also, there could be values that are similar, but not exact, and so I have to scroll through the filter list to select the 100 items.  For example, if I want product # 12345, but there is a value of 123456 in my filter list, then it will "suggest" 123456 in the filter list and I have to go through the values in the filter and cull them out.  This does not work when you have a large list of values you are trying to query and match exactly.

How can a casual user (not a BI developer) query the dataset easily using a predefined list of values?

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello John,


We have a feature request, asking for the ability to set the limit that most fit for your business.
Today we cannot change this limit.

This article has this information "Feature request: increase max limit of characters in filter pane"

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