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Filters in the data load manager reinitialization

Dear community,

I have a question regarding the data load manager in Qlik Sense (version 3.1).

I am connecting a database to Qlik via the data manager. I choose the table I want to import (I checkmark it) and add some filters under the tab filter (let say I add "ID<100"). I confirm my choice by loading the data. I can then see that my table has been loaded with the respective filter being correctly applied.

I now want to add an additional filter to my previous selection (let say I forgot to include it in the previous step, "age<30"). I go back to the data manager, I can see the table I had selected previously with the checkmark. I click on the filter tab but I do no longer see the previous filter I had, i.e. "ID<100". The text box is empty. I have to enter once more the filter I had previously set in order to obtain my final filter: "ID<100 and age<30".

I do not understand why Qlik does not remember the previous filter I had set. It remembers the table I had previously chosen but it reinitialized the filter. This means that I would always have to reset all the filters from scratch each time I want to load some data. From the user point of view, it would be much more convenient if the filter would not have to be reset each time the user wants to load data.

Any help about this issue would be more than welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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