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Specialist II
Specialist II

Find Failed Tasks With monitor_apps_REST* Connectors

Hello Folks,


Is there a way to find out which tasks have failed using the Qlik monitor_apps_REST_* style connectors?  


I am creating an alert that will trigger on a failed reload, but I need to know which dashboard/task it was that failed.  In the Reload Monitor, they use the the lib://ServerLogFolder which I do NOT have access to ='(


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So if your goal is to which tasks failed and when then the Operations monitoring app and the Reloads operations monitoring app both already provide that info
Operations monitor 
Reloads monitor 

If the goal is to send out an email when a task fails then Qlik Alerting is a value-added product that can do exactly that by using system alerts for your tasks.

That said if you are looking for an alternative there was an alternative solution posted to the community a while back, this made use of task chaining and the SMTP connector.

I'm linking it here for you to review and give you a sense of what could be done, but this solution is a bit hacky and not supported by Qlik, but feel free to give it a looking over as reference material if you like.

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