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Find all apps referencing a QVD

Hello Folks,

I have to rename a QVD that is possibly referenced by multiple apps.  Is there a way for me to search all of them for a particular string so I can safely switch over?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Find all apps referencing a QVD

This might be a terrible way to do it.  But I simply go ahead and make the name change and then the next morning monitor the QMC to see all of the reloads that failed.  Then I fix them and reload them.

I don't know of any way to scan the entire system and search for something like a file name in every script.

There might be an extension that you could run each app at a time to see the contents. 

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Re: Find all apps referencing a QVD

I like Marks method!

you could try

Lineage / Dependency Analyzer for QlikView

There are also paid versions that will include qliksense.

There is also Rob Wunderlichs script log analyser you could search for the qvd reference in the script

Re: Find all apps referencing a QVD

If you have Dev, Test & Prod environments then you could do it first in Dev & mend the failures there before promoting the pre mended things to Test and then Prod.

Re: Find all apps referencing a QVD

Two tools that will provide Lineage info for Qlik Sense:


Commercial product

Qlik Branch

Qlik Sense Governance Collector - Open Source

And as Thomas suggested, you can log your script logs into my Qlikview Cookbook: Script Log Analyzer http://qlikviewcookbook.com/recipes/download-info/script-log-analyzer/ tool

or just search the logfile directory for the QVD name.


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