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Finding Qlik not great for data investigation and visualization

Hello everyone,,

I'm new to this software, but so far I'm finding it takes a hell of a lot of work to get nice looking graphs out ... simple things like 'Bubble plots' I'm having such a hard time with I'm resorting to things like Matlab

I'm also not seeing it as that friendly to investigate data ... am I missing something?

The data-loading is satisfactory and has a wide array of connectors, but other than that I'm struggling to see how this thing is getting 2nd place in Forbes Data Visualization awards...

I mean, with bubble-scatter I can barely even pick my own colours.... It's a choice of orange gradient or flat blue... this is crap... surely it gets better than this, do I really need to code my own color scheme and gradient??

Figuring out how the bizarre scatter-plot works was weird enough

I'm new to this area and am not finding it.

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I agree that customization of charts is really basic and lacks a lot of necessary options like the color picking. They did update on those problems a lot though, but I'm still working with the June 2019 release, so  I haven't touched on that yet.

They're a few workarounds but again, not a very user-friendly way of solving problems. I still prefer Qlik though because it's relatively easy to connect to different data sources  and use SQL + Qlik Script to optimize the loading. For visualization I still keep it simple with tables, KPI objects and sometimes pivot tables and bar charts.