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Finding count of course completed user for current(Latest) campaigns of particular Batch.

My requirement is to find count of user who have completed course(final_test_status={'passed'})  in for particular batches or client id.Each client may have some batches(Usually 3 to 5).  Each batch may have several campaigns.Every current batch contains 3 campaigns.so How could i find user course completed for latest 3 campaigns.

Currently i am using this code,


DateType= {'completion'},client_name = {'Enova'},final_test_status={'passed'}>} course_completed)

But this giving wrong count ,as user might completed course at 12 night,so it gets added to next campaign.as every campaign starts from tues to sunday.

so i need to do other work around.

I have attached csv files.Please help me in this regard.Any idea or suggestion is very helpful.Please feel free to share knowledge.