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Finding duplicate entries through set analysis

Good day!

Could someone help me fetch duplicate entries from a data set using set analysis in Qlik?

I have attached a data set for reference.

All the analysis must output is the last column in the file showing Y for duplicates and N for non duplicates.

Logic to find duplicate is :-

If there are multiple entries(2nd column) created in the same month (1st column) with same credit & debit values (4th and 5th columns)

in the same account number(3rd column).

For eg:- Since entry number 1 and 2 have been both raised on May, with 5 as credit in same accounts (account 24) and 5 as debit (account 25) they will be marked as duplicates.

However 3 and 4 will not be an issue as the amounts are different.

Would be glad to get some help and thanks in advance for any answers coming my way!

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