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New Contributor

FirstSortedValue/ Set Analysis?

Hi All,

I'm new to Qliksense so I'm struggling with quite a few things now, so I would really appreciate some help. I'm currently trying to find the latest record based on a selected field date. 

For example my table might look like this:

1|SNG|MAY 2019|05/01/2019|I
1|SNG|APR 2019|04/01/2019|D
1|SNG|MAR 2019|03/02/2019|I
1|SNG|MAR 2019|03/01/2019|D
1|SNG|FEB 2019|02/01/2019|I
1|SNG|DEC 2018|12/01/2018|D
1|SNG|NOV 2018|11/01/2018|I

I currently have a Month/ Year filter in my sheets which allows me to select according to MMM/YYYY (MAR 2019). Lets say March 2019 is selected, I want to show the latest record of each account based on that Selected Date. In this case it would be:

1|SNG|MAR 2019|03/02/2019|I

I'm really quite new to all of this and have tried exploring set analysis and firstsortedvalue but to no real success.