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Contributor II
Contributor II

Fiscal Year calculations

Hello all,

I am trying to obtain the Year to Date set analysis code to be able to calculate the revenue continuously during a Fiscal Year. I have the current data calculated on my excel and it is written in this format:


(=IF(Fiscal Years equal, Add the previous month's revenue to the current month's revenue, if not add only the current month revenue)

In this way I make sure that at beginning of the financial year (April) no data is carried on from previous months.

So far in Qliksense I have developed the following set analysis:

Sum({<Date=,[Fiscal YearMonth]={"<=$(=$(=vMaxFiscalYearMonth))>=$(=$(=vMinFiscalYear))"}>}[Act+Fcst Data])/1000000

However, this formula doesn't identify a change in Fiscal Years.

I hope someone knows how to code this properly

3 Replies

Would you be able to provide some data with the expected output from it to clarify what you mean?

Specialist II
Specialist II

Agree with Sunny.

Also can you try by selecting YearMonth filter to see if any data populates?

Master II
Master II

No data should be selected for Jan, Feb and Mar?

And if 2017 is selected the sum should only add from Apr of 2017 till Dec 2017 and not from Apr 2016 to Apr 2017?