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Contributor II
Contributor II

Fix the data model to achieve the desired filter possibilities in the app.

Hello! I'm really struggling with how to properly set up my data model such that a user can select attributes that exist in many of the tables such as date (actual date, day of the week, year etc.) or direction of travel, and have the selection filter ALL the diagrams present in the app. I've tried to incorporate a master calendar to achieve this, but, although it filters the available dates, I still need to use the "local table dates" to actually get the correct data in my tables in the app. I'm unable to simply name the columns identically when I load the data, as I get an error saying that is not allowed.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Here is what the data model currently looks like:


Please let me know if more detail is required. Thanks in advance!

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I would try to work out why the filtering is not working on the current model. I have found it in the past quite hard to work out which side of the relationship the key data is coming from (might be possible in Data model viewer for small models?).

So my approach would be to dump some of your final tables to text files using store, e.g.;

STORE [MasterCalendar] INTO 'lib://Community/MasterCalendar.csv' (txt);

(I have a folder connection called Community)

You can then look into the text exported and I think you might find that your matning_id_asc and datum fields are not lining up how you think they should be from looking at the code & possibly to a bit of code that is not working.

If your tables are large you could load a filtered set to a new table (use noconcatenate and remember to drop the table or you will get a crazy join step at the end) before exporting, note you can only filter on fields in the table.