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New Contributor

Folder connections issue

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance,

Here is my problem in qlik sense,

I have all most 40 apps in my server and we created folder connection globally,

when we try to connect the data with Folder connection, almost 39 apps are pointing one server (main server) but one particular app is pointing different server which is causing failing app.error: no slave nodes are available.

simply it was seraching for the path we provided in folder connection in wrong server, i have no idea why it is pointing different server,

it is only happening for only one particular app, even though this folder connection created globally same for every app



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Contributor II

Re: Folder connections issue

Hi Srinivasa,

Ideally this should not happen. However, try creating another connection for the same folder and use it only for this particular app.

See if it creates the same issue again. If you have already tried this method then is it working or still the same issue?


Partha k

New Contributor

Re: Folder connections issue

Thanks For your reply Partha,

I know this was not suppose to be work like that,

When i create a duplicate for this app and keep in new stream its working fine, folder connection issue not a problem anymore, but this app is resides in production along with 300 sheets , we cannot change app like this.

i need to resolve this issue and i'm trying the root cause of this issue.