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Contributor III
Contributor III

Format Dynamic Chart Title


I have a chart title based on selected fields like so-

='_ Equipment Type is '&GetFieldSelections (EqpType)&'_ Activity Month is '&GetFieldSelections (ActivityMonth)

My output is 

_ Equipment Type is Truck _Activity Month is May.

  I am trying to format the title so I can space out the selected fields so they will be more readable, but if I put spaces in the '' the don't appear in the title.  I want the title to look like-

Equipment Type is Truck              Activity Month is May

I am not sure what I am missing.  Any help would be appreciated.




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I believe what you want to do is add spaces to the value separator in GetFieldSelections. You can do this by doing: 

='_ Equipment Type is '&GetFieldSelections (EqpType, ',  ')&'_ Activity Month is '&GetFieldSelections (ActivityMonth ',  ')



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