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Formule request to filter datas


I've got a list of sites with different type and qty of products.


  • Site 1 : product A
  • Site 1 : product B
  • Site 2 : product A
  • Site 2 : product C
  • Site 3 : product A
  • Site 4 : product A
  • Site 4 : product C

I want to upgrade all products excepted the Product B

My help request : I need to count the number of sites which can have 100% of their products upgraded, meaning in my example:

Site 2 + Site 3 + Site 4 = 3 sites (Site 1 is not counted as only one of 2 products can be upgraded)

Do you have any ideas how to do it?

Thanks in advance

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Creator III
Creator III

How do you determine what the population of upgradeable products is?  Distinct list of products?  Do you have this list in your data model somewhere?


in Qlik Sense, I've got the list of the Product from the database but not distinct, as shown in my example.

If needed, I can create one

What do you thing about?

My think is to get a formule to count the number of disctinct sites and also counting the number of product with the same name site - -without filter

And after filtering the data (to exclude the product B) and divide the number of products per same name site by the one after filtering it.

If the result is different to 1, I don't count it....

But how to do that... 😞