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((sum(UNITS)+((Sum(UNITS)/count(total distinct(WEEK)))*('52'-(count(distinct(WEEK))))))/([Unit Goal]))-1

What do the [ ] mean around [Unit Goal]?

whatever it is is throwing off my percentage calculation, I have checked all the expression syntax and its all valid, but the [ ] is throwing my percentage off by a few percentages.

Its just a value not a formula.

anyone can assist?


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Re: [GOAL]

Usually, if you have a field that consists of more than one word, i.e. words separated by space(s), then the name is encapsulated by [ ] or " ". Read this:  QlikView Quoteology


Re: [GOAL]

Thank you, but why is it throwing off my averages? seems ot be treating it not as a number.

On a separate questions:

Sum(UNITS)/count({1}total distinct(WEEK))

This does not return the correct answer. Essentually I have 33 weeks of the fiscal year so far and for this sales representative she has only written busines in abot 20, so qkiksense is ging me her average per week based only on the weeks she rote business, infalting her true average per week which is divided by all weeks.

I attemped to to put the {1) in here to tell qlik to include all totoal distinct weeks YTD and it gives a me weird and wrong number

Your help apprecaited.

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