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I wonder if anyone had some time to help me out as I'm very new to Geoanalytics.

I have an excel file with almost 50k towns of Ireland with their longitude and latitude coordinates.

I also have patient address data (only town and county) and GP data (town and county).   Patients are associated with GP's.

I want to be able to use my long and lat data to plot (point layer) where in Ireland GP's reside and also where in Ireland each GP sends patients from.

Can I use the same file for both addresses?  How on earth do I even start going about his 😂  

As always....any and all help is much appreciated.

Hope everyone is staying safe.


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Re: Geoanalytics

It's not a lot of records so I would combine them

Join the patients' table into the doctors

Then bring in two sets of lat and long (one for doctors and one for patients)

Fields in resulting table:

- patient name

- doctor name

- patient town

- doctor town

- patient town lat

- patient town long

- doctor town lat

- doctor town long

in your geovisualization, doctors and patients will be on separate layers