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Contributor II
Contributor II

Get all the values from the first filter pane and pass it as a variable in set expression

Hi Qlik Community,

If I have a filter pane below:








And I have a set expression below:

Aggr(Only({$<[Centre_Dept]={XXXXX}>} EmployeeID), EmployeeID)

I will need to replace the XXXXX with the values from the above filter pane (with no selection from user so GetFieldSelections is an option).

Is this possible?

The end result, if I hard code will be this 

Aggr(Only({$<[Centre_Dept]={'Supermarket','Bank','Restaurant'}>} EmployeeID), EmployeeID)

I am looking for something that is dynamic without the need of hard coding.

Thanks 🙂

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Creator II
Creator II



Yes, it is possible.

Either you can set possible values explicitly stated in set expression values as: Aggr(Only({$<[Centre_Dept]={$(=Concat(DISTINCT chr(39) & Department & chr(39), ','))}>} EmployeeID), EmployeeID)

.. or you can set possible values implicitly with P function as: Aggr(Only({$<[Centre_Dept]=P(Department)>} EmployeeID), EmployeeID)


I hope it helps.