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Get last friday

Hello , 

I have differents dates and i want to get only last friday (16/11/2018):


When i load this on my script , it's doesnt work : 

"Date expedition",
FROM [lib://QVD_Rec (omnium_dec1)/DWH\F_EXPORT_CDE_WEB.QVD](qvd)
Where Date("Web - Date expedition")= Date(Weekstart(Today())-3)

And yet this expression returns to me well the date of the last Friday, ie the 16/11/2018. So I do not see what's wrong with my script?

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Re: Get last friday

Please, remember to post questions related to the product in the correct discussion board.

Here is the list of discussion board for qlik products,  https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Products/ct-p/qlik-products

 This post will be moved to the correct discussion board soon.

Thanks, Pablo 

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Re: Get last friday

Try this

Where Date(Floor("Web - Date expedition"))= Date(Weekstart(Today())-3)

or this

Where Date(Floor(Date#("Web - Date expedition",  ''DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss'')))= Date(Weekstart(Today())-3)