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Get value of pivot table

Hello, I have this model loaded (note that ADM_PLAN_CUENTA-Expandednodes1 is a hierarchy table)


With this I create a pivot table which works correctly:


Now, I want to know by code the value, for example, of "RECURSOS CORRIENTES" to do a calculation with this. It is the sum of the nodes below this. I need exact the same value I can see in the pivot table, month by month.

How can I get it?


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Re: Get value of pivot table


I recommend looking into the aggr function.  I can't be more specific with the given information.

What code are you talking about?


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Re: Get value of pivot table

Mike, thanks for your reply. I don't see how the Aggr function help me.

I am talking about code for example in a KPI chart. I want to take the value of the pivot table.


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