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Contributor II
Contributor II

Getting Rid of Nulls in Measure Expression

Hi all.

I am trying to get rid of nulls in my measure expression. The field is called UniqueID and has a condition of only showing the Unique IDs that fulfill the condition of [Run Rate Savings Change] = 0 and if not, then showing null.

The if statement looks like below: 

=if([Run Rate Savings Change] = 0, null(), [Unique ID])

I want the rows that have nulls in this column to be excluded from the table, regardless of if any other column is populated. There is no option to hit "Hide Nulls" since this is a measure and not a dimension.

Any suggestions?




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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Drag and drop your [Run Rate Savings Change] to the table and add a expression like below

only({<[Run Rate Savings Change]-={'0'}>}ID)

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi @zhaofeng  this solution did not work. The UniqueID column is still showing nulls where Run Rate Savings Change =0. 


Have you got multiple measures in your chart?  I was wondering why don't you have aggregation function in measure e.g. Count etc? 

Count({<[Run Rate Savings Change]-={0},[Unique ID] = {"*"}>}[Unique ID])

Did you try 'Add-on' property check remove zeroes option, may be..

Please share exact measure/dimension, chart type to help further..