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Getting started with writing an extension


Apologies in advance if i break any rules this way. I tried the search function but without luck.

So I just started exploring Qlik Sense for a school project, and would like to create a ?simpel? extension.

I am doing an advice report for a case (it is about a milkshake bar chain) and I should create a Qliksense Dashboard together with said advice.

My idea is to create an extension, that would be an animating milkshake graph, what this means is as follows:
- show empty milkshake glass
- from bottom (0) to top (goal)
- once dashboard opens it starts animating to the percentage of the goal that is reached.

My question is, Is it possible to make something like this?

I've stumbled upon the getting started page and I have some background in Java & Objective-C.

Could somebody give some advice or point me in the right direction of achieving this?

It would be much appreciated.


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