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Contributor III
Contributor III

Getting wrong info


   I am trying to get a graphs counting values, my dimension is dates, each date is repeted a lot of time, en the value to count is Qty Pickeadores. After count values, I need divided the days of the month (but using my calendar no the regular calendar). I am using a networkdays to count the days. 

I am using 

=Count([Qty pickeadores])/NetWorkDays(Min([NewCreationDate]),Max([NewCreationDate]))

 Note: I need the information per month

But, the values is different for each month, Oct 2020 show me the correct information, but dic 2019, Aug 2020 and Sep 2020 show me information that I dont know is from where. 

The values that I am getting are 633 in Aug, 869 Sep

I though it is happened because I have some table with the same name, and I create new field to avoid issues, but I am still have issues.





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Could you show us what you are trying to do with that excel file  in an qlik sense file? I have trouble mapping your description to the content of your file. 

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sure, I want to do a graph with  the below values, these values are getting from the data contain the the excel file KPI almacén Arieli2 tab picks per day. 

If I created a pivot table in excel I got below result that it is the result that I need graph, but I am not sure with I am getting the values included in the graph attached. I guess  it is because I have field with the same  (Creation date for kitting time and for picks per day), so I created I new field called New Creation date but I still have the same issue.  I am not sure how can I solved?


This is as I need ghaphs


 But, I am getting below ghaph