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Contributor II

Googlesheets Columns cutoff


Has anyone used Web Files option to connect with googlesheets directly using the XLSX option with QlikSense?

The first 3 columns are getting cutoff for me which is not the case with QlikView.

Looking to see if others have had similar experiences.

The Publish to Web is fine but the results are not coming back as expected. Is there known limitations with QlikSense and googlesheets?

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New Contributor III

Re: Googlesheets Columns cutoff

Not sure if this will help, but I tried the newly-release Qlik Connectors v. 2 (released on 9/29, I think), and used the Google Sheet specific one about 2 weeks back.  ...there are some special instructions to follow, but it definitely worked.  ...in fact, there were a couple ways to run the connector.  Tried that one yet?