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Gray Selection Issue - QlikSense

Hi all,

I am struggling to find a solution for the issue below:

I have two possible selections as below:

I add in the application selection the current year (2018):

And then, I apply the Performance one:

After this, it removes some of the months selected in Application:

I have already tried to lock the Application's selection, but after I apply the Performance on, it messes it up.

Anyone has any idea how to correct it or disable this gray functionality and make me able to select the 201801 and 201802?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

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Re: Gray Selection Issue - QlikSense


this is a normal behaviour, in fact this is a killer feature you won't have in other BI/Data visualization tools. Let me be more specific.

First, you select all the possible months within 2018, then when you make a selection in Performance month you see that some months turn gray. This is because they become "not possible" values. In other words, that combination of reporting months and performance months doesn't exist in your data model. It won't be noticeable for you, unless you make some selections to explore your data.

Also it is important to note that performance month field has two different grays, that is because dark gray means "not possible" values and light gray means "possible values but not included in your current selection".

Once you understand how the four colours work, you'll see the real power of qlik:

white (possible values after you make a selection in another field)

dark gray (not possible values within your current selection)

light gray (possible values in the data model, but no included in current selection)

green (current selection values)

hope this helps,


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Re: Gray Selection Issue - QlikSense


check this


How does your data model look like? Could you share some pictures?

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Re: Gray Selection Issue - QlikSense

Thank you, Jaime!

Indeed, there was a problem in the load of some specific months data, thus they were not associated on those months.

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Re: Gray Selection Issue - QlikSense

Hi, David.

Thanks for sharing it. It was indeed an issue with the data load.

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